Solve the Complexities of multiple Readers into a Single Benchtop Instrument
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VICTOR® Nivo™ –  Industry’s Smallest Multimode Plate Reader

Unique Features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • High performance for routine applications, including biochemical and cell-based assays
  • Intuitive, browser-based software allows for remote operation
  • All major detection modes including Alpha Technology
  • Best for research labs with multiple users and relatively low throughput
  • Open System in affordable budget

When multimode meets imaging you gain a whole new perspective

Unique Features

  • The first benchtop system to offer well imaging alongside labeled and label-free technologies,
  • The EnSight™ system’s unique combination of detection modes enables you to monitor the quality of your cell samples and take an orthogonal approach to your assays.
  • When combined with Kaleido™ workflow software, it increases productivity, makes it ideal for multiuser environments, and elevates the confidence in your scientific results

EnVision: The perfect combination of speed and sensitivity

Unique Features

  • Proven performance when the highest levels of speed and sensitivity are required
  • Uses two detectors to enable simultaneous, dual-wavelength reading
  • Well established for laser-based Alpha and TRF technologies, as well as ultrasensitive luminescence
  • Best for screening and assay development labs needing high throughput and high performance

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